Board Of Directors

  • Melissa McCreary – President

    Melissa McCreary is a loving mother of two and works as a Senior Project Manager at Insulet Corporation. Her daughter Ella Rose was born on December 12th 2011 with Down Syndrome. She also has a 20 year old son, Marcello who is attending UNH. Melissa has served on the NHDSA board for the past 7 years.


  • Rebecca Mitchell – Vice President

    Rebecca Mitchell lives in Deering with her two sons, ages 13 and 16. Her oldest son was born with Down Syndrome. He has a part time job at a grocery store and is looking forward to collage. He is part of an advocacy group as well as Special Olympics and different social groups. She comes […]

  • Irene Oriani – Treasurer

    Irene Oriani is a Risk Manager with Fidelity Investments. After her son Steven was born with Trisomy 21 in 2012, Irene and her husband David have become active members of the local Down Syndrome Community. Irene participates in the organizing and planning of NHDSA events, which she loves to attend with her smiling Steven in […]

  • Pauline McKivergan – Secretary

    Pauline McKivergan is the mother of four children. Her oldest daughter, Madison, was born in ’97, and her second daughter, Katelyn, followed in ’99, who has Down syndrome. Pauline also has two younger boys, Nolan and Aidan. She is currently homeschooling her three youngest. Pauline is actively involved in the special needs community. Together with […]